Building a Healthier Community

through compassionate, patient-centered services

Northern Nevada HOPES is a nonprofit community health center located in downtown Reno, NV.

We are dedicated to building a healthier community by providing coordinated care & support for individual & family wellness. Our community health center combines primary care, medical specialties, behavioral health & prevention with a team of experienced professionals who are committed to high-quality care.

View our 2014 Annual Report and download a copy here.

Our New Building

A new medical facility in downtown Reno – coming in late 2015

HOPES is embarking on the construction of a new medical facility at our campus in downtown Reno. With construction underway, we’re expecting to open in late 2015. The new building will be named “The Stacie Mathewson Community Wellness Center” in honor of a generous gift of $1.9 million from Stacie Mathewson.

Check out the video below to see what the new medical facility will look like when it’s done.


Individuals and families in our community face numerous barriers to accessing healthcare that leads to more complex health issues and higher rates of chronic disease.

Access to Care

For every one medical provider in HOPES’ service area, there are 3,952 individuals in need of primary medical care.


43% of children and adults in downtown Reno are living in poverty.


Without transportation or income, accessing healthcare is a major challenge for homeless individuals.

Chronic Disease

Those living in poverty are more vulnerable to chronic diseases like HIV, hepatitis C, diabetes, and hypertension.

Behavioral Health

Nearly 10% of Washoe County residents struggle with major depression.

Substance Use

Substance use continues to be a major problem in our community, while fear and stigma prevent many from accessing care.


At HOPES, we find solutions to the issues that affect the medically underserved in our community. Our health clinic provides compassionate, patient-centered care to thousands in northern Nevada. And we welcome everyone, regardless of ability to pay. By focusing on prevention rather than treatment, we are building a healthier and stronger community.

Community Health Center

HOPES exists to provide everyone in our community with a safe and accepting place to access affordable, high-quality healthcare. HOPES embraces diversity and welcomes individuals and families from all walks of life. We provide respectful, nonjudgmental care and do not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, sex, gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion, or inability to pay.

Care Coordination

Our entire healthcare team, from physicians and nurses to counselors and case managers, interacts daily to provide efficient and effective, patient-centered care. This involves holding daily team meetings, using an electronic medical records system, working with outside hospitals and providers, and helping patients navigate an often complex healthcare system.

Integrated Medical and Wellness

We integrate behavioral health and mental health into our primary care services to address the whole person, not just the illness. This approach leads to better health outcomes for people with multiple healthcare needs.


We focus on preventing illness before it starts. We work to remove barriers that prevent many from accessing care on a regular basis, and we encourage patients to visit us when they’re well.

Harm Reduction

We practice Harm Reduction. Harm Reduction is a public health strategy that empowers individuals to reduce harm to themselves or others by setting realistic goals and validating any positive step or incremental change. This includes reducing risk in the areas of drug use, sex, diet, health, or any aspect of self-care.

Patient-centered Care

At HOPES, patients are active participants in their care. Our providers partner with patients and their families to ensure accessible, compassionate, individualized services based on every patient’s unique needs.

Give a Little Love

and give hope to those who need it most

When you donate to Northern Nevada HOPES, your tax-deductible gift goes directly to helping individuals and families who rely on our community health center for affordable health care services.

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